National Certificate on Prevention and Pollution from Vessel's Oil
As a form of Company's responsibility to environmental pollutions and their compliance with the Minister Regulation No. KM 4 of 2005 dated January 20th, 2009 on the Prevention and Pollution from Vessel, vessels that belong to the Company have met the requirements and have held National Certificate on Prevention and Pollution from Vessel's Oil ("Certificate on Prevention and Pollution")

Dana Cinta Kasih

The Company's commitment to give the positive contribution for the society is realized through the Company's continuous willingness in providing financial aids through Dana Cinta Kasih, to support the vision and mission of DAAI TV Indonesia that focuses on humanitarian aids and prioritizes the lovespreading among religions, ethnics, and nationality.

Sekolah Nasional Plus Cinta Budaya

Company's contribution in education has also become the focus of the CSR program in 2014. The concern on education in the nation has been manifested through the Company's effort in providing financial aids to the establishment of Sekolah Nasional Plus Cinta Budaya (National School Plus of Culture-Loving) - Chong Wen in Medan, that applies international standard, with the capacity of + 1,800 people, with + 66 rooms that serve as classrooms, sport facilities and other suppoting facilities for extracurricular activities.